Welcome to my site. I am currently a Postdoc in Mike Murrell’s group at Yale. I got my PhD working in the lab of Dan Blair and within the Institute for Soft Matter Synthesis and Metrology I(SM)^2 at Georgetown University.

My PhD research was in Soft Condensed Matter, which is essentially the study of squishy materials. I was focused on reconstituted silk protein networks, using a variety of methods that include bulk rheology, confocal microscopy, small angle neutron scattering, and dynamic light scattering.


In addition to silk, I am interested in other biological systems, particularly the cell. The cell is an extremely complicated environment that we oversimplify out of necessity. When learning about cells, I was always put off by the way people said things along the lines of, “it does this so that it can do that” as if the cell consciously made a decision. Now, I see Physics as a tool to truly understand what is happening and, more importantly, why?

Consequently, my Postdoc research focuses on in vitro disordered actinmyosin protein systems. I am excited to learn more, and check back here later for updates.

Feel free to contact me at a.pasha.tabatabai(at)gmail(dot)com if you are interested or have any questions!



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Hot-ish off the press

A good portion of my PhD work was trying to understand how reconstituted silk protein assembles into non-fibrous structures. To accomplish this, I used small-angle neutron scattering in collaboration with Katie Weigandt at the National Institute of Standards and Technology Center of Neutron Research.

This work was recently published in the journal Physical Review E, and a copy can be found here: Silk_PRE_2017

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