Here is a(n incomplete) list of the researchers that influenced me throughout graduate school and beyond:

My postdoc advisor Mike Murrell

My PhD advisor Dan Blair

Jeff Urbach -boundary stresses

Peter Olmsted -theory of biological systems

John Royer -experimental colloids and grains

John Williamson -application of theory to Soft Matter

Dan Chen -rheology and bio systems

Pramukta Kumar -useful Leica –> Matlab software

The Institute for Soft Matter Synthesis and Metrology -more than a user facility

David Kaplan -everything reconstituted silk

Chris Holland -everything native silk

Eric Weeks -website providing the “Who’s Who” list of Soft Matter



Recent Posts

Hot-ish off the press

A good portion of my PhD work was trying to understand how reconstituted silk protein assembles into non-fibrous structures. To accomplish this, I used small-angle neutron scattering in collaboration with Katie Weigandt at the National Institute of Standards and Technology Center of Neutron Research.

This work was recently published in the journal Physical Review E, and a copy can be found here: Silk_PRE_2017

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